The Murder of Ozgecan Aslan

A Stepping Stone For The Revolution on Women’s Rights in Turkey

In Turkey:

105 women were murdered in 2009,

156 women in 2010

121 women in 2011

139 women in 2012

and 228 women in 2013

Something is wrong here. Instead of going down, the numbers keep on increasing!

News of women murder, rape, assault are becoming every day news!

The common thing in all these murders, were that it was committed by men. Men that these women either knew (husband, relative etc..) or did not know at all.

And sadly, the numbers keep increasing year by year drastically.

Domestic violence is an issue all throughout the world. It is definitely a major issue in Turkey.

The reason? Patriarchal society, oppressed sexualities, macho attitudes, sexism, you name it…

Somehow, some people in my country think that it is their right to tell women what they should do, what they should wear and who to talk to.

Somehow, the same people think that it is their right to beat their sisters just because they like a guy, but do not hesitate to cat call any other woman.

Somehow, the same people see it as their unalienable right to harass women on public transportation, chase after them and even physically assault them.

Somehow, the same people dare to murder women after raping them, and burning their bodies so as not to leave an evidence.

Unfortunately these things happen in my country, and unfortunately, we did not speak out loud enough to stop this so far.

Ozgecan Aslan, a university student, was murdered on a minibus (private buses) on her way back from the city center to her house, in her hometown, Mersin. After the last passenger got off the bus, the driver stopped in the middle of highway, assaulting Ozge, sitting alone in the bus. Ozge, after fighting for her dignity and life, could not stop the driver, which brutally murdered Ozge without remorse, stabbing her numerous times and hitting her head with a metal rod. After murdering Ozge, he took his father and a friend to hide the body, cutting of the wrists so as not to leave evidence, and burning the body, throwing it off a cliff.

Unlike the women murders before, this last tragedy caused an enormous outcry in Turkey, from all parts of the country, as it should have been long time ago.

This was not the first horrible event that had happened in Turkey, nor in the world. And unfortunately, most probably it will not be the last one.

But we can do our best to make it the last one.

What can we do?

We can spread the news of this horrible accident, and create awareness on this issue around the world.

We can sign the petition in about Ozge, to make our voices heard.

We can talk about this issue, write about this issue, and make people understand that any discrimination against women, is not acceptable.

I am hoping for a better world, a world where no more Özge’s are hurt.

Rest in peace Özge.