In today’s globalized world, it does not take a genius to see how corporations play an important role in our lives. As prospective customers, corporations are the ones that supplies our needs (and our not-necessarily-needs).

Another role of the corporations is that; for many people, they are a place where they earn their living, spend most of their time and make contribution to the society.

Yes, corporations matter.

But do people matter for corporations? This question have been discussed since the beginning of capitalist and neo-liberalist societies. The question gains more prominence for one main reason:

Today, people generally prefer to work companies where people matter.


And that’s where employer branding comes in. For newbies, employer branding(as Universum says) is the process of promoting a company, or an organization, as theemployer of choice to a desired target group, one which a company needs and wants to recruit and retain.

The term Employer Branding is a conjuncture for companies that includes many aspects, such as maintaining prestige, treating its personnel, the message delivered and many more…

Employer Branding is not a choice for companies, it is a must.

And this is why, hundreds of companies attend conferences where this issue is discussed.

This is why, hundreds of comapanies attended the People Make the Brand 2015 event in Istanbul, Turkey, organized by Dinamo Consultancy, specifically by one of the most reknown trainers on the matter, Evrim Kuran.


Companies attend this event, because they want to understand, share and learn from the experts, how to ensure and develop their employer branding. Because without employer branding, companies cannot survive on today’s world.

I had the chance to attend PMB (People Make the Brand) event. Besides interesting speakers, who shared their vast experiences and brilliant ideas, it has been a platform of constant networking and idea sharing. In PMB (People Make the Brand) you could listen prominent executives, ranging from the Regional Director of Danone to the Hiring Manager of Emirates, from the author of the bestseller ‘Employer Branding’ to the Leadership Development Director of Unilever.


And it is a lot of fun:)


As stated, in today’s world, the companies are obliged to work on employer branding. People have options, people have knowledge and people have opportunities. In today’s world, companies don’t choose people, people choose companies.

So you better be attractive and sustainable, if you want to impress the skilled employees. Because without them, you are destined to fail.

PMB had been a great opportunity for companies. The good news is, it is an ongoing project, and will carry on.

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