This is the copy of an e-mail that I have written to my organisations general list. I thought this should not be limited to one organisation, but to as many people as possible.

Hope you find some inspiration in it.

Thanks to Alican Yazdıç for the inspiration.


17 terrorist attacks, in a bit more than a year.

Turkey is no stranger to turmoil.

There has not been one single city in Turkey who has not been affected by terrorism.

The issues in the southeast part of Turkey have been going forever (more than 30 years). We, people living in the urban places were quite parochial to what happened, until it came on our doorstep.

It is not only Turkey, but many other nations that has faced terrorism on their necks, especially in the last years.

I have written before that it is not the statistical probability of terrorism killing us that creates the real harm. It is more the depression, paranoia and fear it brings to people and their lives.

This does not mean though, we are not being affected directly. My friends’ husband has lost his brother in the last attacks.

For the ones who do not know what happened, on December 10 at 22:30, two consecutive bombings happened in İstanbul, at Besiktas region, one of the most central regions in İstanbul. Around 50 people lost their lives, leaving another 150 injured behind.

There are a few points that I would like to make after this terrible tragedy, which was not the first, and I am afraid won’t be the last:

–          Despite all the political turmoil in Turkey, I (and many people I know) will continue doing what we believe is the best for our country. We will produce, we will create, we will learn and we will do whatever is necessary to bring peace.

–          Yes, these are troubled times. However, daily life goes on. People go to work, people go to school, people go out. We are not in a war zone, and Turkey is still a great place to visit. I highly suggest you not to punish any country by being prejudiced against it, instead taking reliable info from the people who live there and understanding what really goes on.

One thing is very important:

Let us not take any of this for granted.

When bombs started exploding every day in Gaza, we stopped caring. It was routine and didn’t mean anything to us anymore, regardless how many people died.

This is a huge mistake and we should not do this for any place on earth.

People have tendencies to take things for granted.

But I do not believe that organisations do not have that luxury.

Organisations such as AEGEE should protest, lobby and show reaction at every attack on every corner of the planet.

Let us make sure we do not take any of those tragedies for granted.

Let us do our very best to make his world a better place.

This might sound a vague statement, but even being part of an organisation is a step to making it so.

With peace,