This was written by me on 1st of May 2014. I just had the chance to post it.”

Today I quit my job…

One would ask why?

It was a great company actually. It was an American company which was a major actor in its sector.

I got paid pretty well for Turkey standards.

My office was close to my house (well I actually moved to my house after I started working).

I only woke up at 08:00 am in the morning. Pretty good.

I had my evenings to go to courses, to do sports and to spend time with my girlfriend.

I ate in the top restaurants in Istanbul where what two people ate costed around a monthly minimum wage of an average worker.

I flew to (and had more opportunities) to fly to countries paid by my company to meet customers.

It had a good future and offered good financial prospects to me.


Did all this glamour and materiality make me happy?

Fuck no…

All the material pursuits seemed very shallow and dull. Therefore I decided that I do not want this, and told that I want to quit, giving my company notice 15 days in advance.

It was quite tough to make this decision, I came and went a lot of time in my mind. But one day I went to the company and I said “I want out”. My boss spoke to me, and believe me, she is a very convincing lady. She almost talked me out of it, telling how much they believe I will be a great asset to this company and the future that awaits me. I asked her to give me the weekend to digest all we spoke.

Honestly, I avoided thinking about it during the weekend. On Monday, I woke up with a stomachache again, like the ones I was having in the mornings during the last weeks. I came to the office, and there I made up my mind. This is when I said “I want out” for sure. There was no way back.

I am on my way to Greece now on the plane, both excited and scared at the same time. It is scary to get out of your comfort zone, to the things you are used to. It is frightening to leave your well paid job and your settled life, especially when people ask you why you are quiting such a great job. But then you feel lucky, when you loved ones say “If thats how you feel, thats how you should do it”.

As scared I am, I am also happy. And confident, because I know I can do and am capable to do whatever to do in this life.

Life is short and we do not know what will happen tomorrow. Instead of going for luxury and material purposes that gives us short term pleasure. I want to make a difference in this life, and I want to feel spiritual and moral pleasures during my life, rather than financial and materialistic ones.

And I know that I want to do it while I enjoy what I do and wake up everyday with butterflies in my stomach, excited to do what I am doing.

And I know that I am on my way there…


This was written for everyone who do not wake up for work with butterflies in their stomachs.